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Brian Keith Carn Jr., a native of Jacksonville, Florida, has a life story that is nothing short of inspirational. Raised in a strict religious background, his mother instilled a deep sense of faith, while his father navigated the challenges of life in the streets. From an early age, Brian exhibited a prophetic nature, and as he faced trials and tribulations, he observed individuals struggling despite their profound love for the Lord.


Immersed in a transformative journey, Brian found solace in the words of 1 John 4, recognizing that God's actions are driven by love. He emphasizes the recent shift in doctrine, delving into the profound concept of God's grace since 2019. To him, grace is as essential as air and breath—unearned, freely given, and unchanging, regardless of life's ups and downs. Brian challenges the notion of performance within the church, drawing parallels to the Saul to Paul transformation. He advocates a message of love over judgment, pointing out the limitless boundaries of God's love. His perspective on punishment versus love invites a profound shift in understanding, urging others to see through the lens of love.


Currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brian leads Kingdom City Church, a ministry that spans across Charlotte, Houston, and Jacksonville. The combination of Live and satellite services reflects his commitment to reaching hearts with a message of redemption and understanding. Notably, his church remained open during the challenges of the pandemic, conducting maskless services without a single infection among the attendees.


Passionate and confrontational, Brian seeks to deliver a gentle message of love, understanding, and redemption. He acknowledges societal failures and believes in the power of conversations to bring about positive change. His favorite scripture, Deuteronomy 23:5, symbolizes God's protective love, shielding us from curses.


Since his move to Charlotte in 2016, Brian has dedicated his life to teaching warfare from a new covenant perspective. His story is one of resilience, grace, and a profound commitment to spreading a message that transcends judgment and embraces the transformative power of God’s love.


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Your best days are ahead.

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